3 Reasons Why Cheaters Risk It All For 30 Minutes Of Delight

It’s very likely that you or someone you know will experience the heart wrenching pain of dealing with infidelity in the next 90 days. I’m not wishing this upon anyone but sadly it’s the new reality that we live in. Some of the cheating will be emotionally charged affairs. There will be others faced with an internet long distance affair. Many will have to struggle with figuring out why the person who claims to still love them broke their promise and physically engaged with someone else.

Obviously there are many types of relationship cheating and some hurt more than others. However, regardless of the type of cheating there are always unanswered questions. One of the most asked question is “why”? Why would someone cheat and risk their family, reputation, employment and financial security for an affair or in some cases a few minutes of delight? Listed below are a few reasons why cheaters risk it all.

3 Reasons Why Cheaters Risk It All For 30 Minutes Of Delight

One reason why cheaters throw caution to the wind and cheat is because they really don’t care if they get caught. Sure they try to hide their selfish behavior but think about it for a minute. Do you really think a cheater cares about being caught? I don’t think so. It’s not like a 5 year old sneaking an extra cookie out of the cookie jar. We are talking about an adult who is able to understand right from wrong. I guarantee you that every cheater ask him or herself the following questions.

  1. Will my partner find out about the affair?
  2. What will me spouse do if he or she finds out?
  3. How will my family and friends re-act to the affair?
  4. Could my boss or co-workers have less respect for me if they find out that I cheated?
  5. Will my kids no longer love me if I cheat on their mom or dad?

Unless the cheater is intoxicated or smoking cannabis then it’s impossible not to think about such questions. Yet, despite thinking about such things a cheater moves forward and has an affair. The real question is why does a cheater not care about getting caught?

Another reason why a cheater will lose perspective and cheat is because a cheater sometimes has an entitlement mentality. It’s all about them getting what they feel they deserve. Cheaters with this mindset sometimes convince themselves of 2 things. One is that everyone will be fine or happy after the affair. The other thing is that a cheating will make them a better mate. Both reasons are simply wishful thinking.

The third and final reason why a cheater is willing to risk it all is because they never intended to be in a monogamous relationship. The appearance of being with a significant other is appealing and provides cover for an alter ego personality. This draws less scrutiny and attention from family and friends. Unfortunately it goes back to being unselfish. It’s like using someone for personal gain. It’s wrong in business, in relationships and life in general.

There are many more reasons why cheaters cheat. All of them are inexcusable and devastating to partners and families. Cheating is no different than, being addicted to a drug. It has the potential to ruin lives.

So is there anything that you can do to stop the cheating?

One thing you can do is make it difficult for your partner to cheat. You might not be able to stop it but you don’t have to make it easy for infidelity to make an appearance in your relationship.

If you have not had to deal with infidelity in your relationship consider yourself blessed. If you have dealt with infidelity you know how difficult it is to live through it. You just can’t prepare for such pain and suffering. However, I hope as time passes you will be able to help others get through their dark days and nights.

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