4 Huge Risks When It Comes to Water Damage in Crawlspaces

Flood damage to a basement or crawl space can be a potential nightmare to cleanup as it poses several different risks. Most homeowners never enter their basement for even several years at a time and are often clueless about how to go about doing water restoration work in a basement or crawlspace. While water extraction or water removal can be somehow managed by a homeowner in their basement, water restoration to crawlspaces will be very difficult.

In either case, it is highly recommended that homeowners seek the help of a professional water damage company to carry out the restoration work in their basement or crawlspace as self restoration work in the basement poses several safety and technical challenges.

  • Risk of electrocution and natural gas poisoning – Many a home will have the electrical wiring and natural gas pipes routed through the basement. Extensive flood damage in the basement can pose a risk of electrocution or gas poisoning. Only a contractor will know what precautions to take before actually carrying out water extraction work in the basement or crawlspace.
  • Risk of mold and potential damage to the structure of the building – Humidity levels are very high in basements and crawlspaces which will mean that water damage can easily result in extensive mold damage. Mold is a very serious problem that can pose both health risks to the people living in a property as well as physical damage to the construction materials of a property. Only a professional water damage company will be able to fully analyze the moisture levels and potential mold problems in your basement and take preventative or reactionary measures accordingly.
  • Risk of being bitten in the basement – The basement is often home to poisonous spiders, snakes and scorpions. A seasoned contractor will often wear protective clothing to protect himself from potentially fatal bites. In addition to the creepy crawlies in the basement, there is also a risk of exposure to accumulated radon gas which the contractor will tackle by wearing a gas mask.
  • Risk of improper water extraction in the basement or crawlspace – One would have to be very careful about the water removal techniques when pumping out water from a basement space. This is because the walls of a basement can collapse if the water is pumped out too quickly. This will happen because of dramatic change in pressure on the walls.

In conclusion, it is best that you seek the services of a good, reputable water damage company to carry out restoration work in your basement or crawlspace.

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