A Trip To The Hell

Rahul is enjoying his night out in one of the pubs of California, United States. Being the youth of 2020; it is now a common thing for any bachelor to enjoy the weekend with his friends in a night party. He loves partying and making new friends. Rahul has a sister and he is the only son for his parents. His family stays in Vizag, India. He loves his country and pays utmost respects to Mother India. Coming to his profession, he might behave like an average cosmopolitan guy with lot of pleasures in and around him but at the same time, he is an able young Scientist of National Aeronautic Space Administration (NASA), USA and is one among the team of “MISSION MARS-2020” as well. By this, one can understand how Genius is this guy. Yes, he is one among the rare guys who can perform a wide range of tasks in life, The significant friends of his are Raghu, his childhood friend and John F. Washington; his colleague. He has a very good intimacy with these two. Rahul and Raghu are more emotionally attached with each other and so Rahul was responsible for Raghu to get a job in administration department of NASA.

“MISSION MARS-2020” is taken as a prestigious project by the U.S. government and NASA. Its aim is to send a Man boarded Space Shuttle onto the topography of Mars. Then, the astronaut shall record the live conditions on Mars and collect the necessary particulars for further analysis on the scope of life on Mars After the complete assessment made by NASA on its team, Mr. Rahul was selected as the only Astronaut who has to land on the Mars and do an on-sight research about its geography and get the details for its further research. Obviously it is a proud moment for every Indian but at the same time it got to be a very nervous moment for his family members.

Yet another day arrived, the sun pierced in, it’s the day that is all set to create a history. The entire world has geared up to witness man’s inevitable excellence. It’s the day when a foundation stone being laid for another revolution in humanity at John F. Kennedy Space Centre, California. Rahul, in his space suite walks along the way to the launch-pad while his team getting ready to preside over the launch. A sigh of jubilance, a sign of humiliation that he is creating a history in a sudden absence of his friend John, are some of the emotions being experienced by him. The countdown stroked zero, the rocket started plunging into the sky by flushing out the fires with a roaring noise. The scientists started jumping on the isles in joy of a successful historic launch.

Body is getting lighter and lighter, breathing is supported with oxygen cylinder, The surroundings filled up with glittering stars, pieces of asteroids are far off, little nervous, little anxious, more enthusiasm, these are some of the particulars in his lift off. He is in constant touch with the ground control and necessary communications were carrying on.

The Mars was sighted. It appeared as a bright twinkling football. As the distance is decreasing, obviously the smooth bright football, grown in size, loosened its brightness and dressed up with a rugged surface. Finally, the space shuttle is landing on the planet mars as the surroundings filled with flushing meadows. Under inexpressible feelings, he stepped down the space shuttle and created a history in being the first ever person to put up a maiden step on the planet Mars. There is an unforgettable sort of experience he was undergoing at that moment. He must have been on cloud nine; he rather got overwhelmed on his first sight on Mars and cherished himself as the sight of his life. He also forgotten himself as an astronaut and started enjoying the location as a regular young guy. He just thought of the pleasure he could have earned if a beautiful girl accompanies him. He kept dreaming of his erotic desires for quite a sometime forgetting his job.

Suddenly, there was a devastating phenomenon occurred in the Mars topology. A rude tremble of the outer crust (similar to the earthquake) has occurred. A thunder stricken his heart, a shock in his eyes is noticeable. The soil is cracking itself diagonally and hence swallowed the broken rocks into its mouth. The crust is whirling like how water does in a washing machine. Mr. Rahul ran forth to save himself from the calamity; He rushed like a deer which tries to escape itself from a leopard. In a short duration the nature calmed down and hence Rahul takes a deep breath. In this scenario, he decided to inform the current conditions of the Mars geography and seek permission from the ground station for an emergency take-off and get back to the earth

He tried to communicate to the ground staff, but he was not getting the ground radar signals and kept trying for quite a sometime. He tested his equipment and tried to troubleshoot. A pinch of worry started to begin. He anticipated that the problem crept in due to the topological disturbance occurred few minutes back and kept waiting so that the problem could be solved from the ground station and the signal gets retrieved. Shockingly time is passing, oxygen and food stocks emptying but there is no development in signal retrieving. Finally, no food and no water were present with him and concluded himself that his death was written on the Mars by the god and started roaming on the soils of the planet Mars so that if at all he can find any water marks there, he can taste the water and at least get job satisfaction before he leaves his final breath. But unfortunately, he could no longer stand firm and gradually fainted down. He was in final seconds of his life. How painful it would be for any person to witness such a death. The still and silent surroundings add more grief to the sight as the destiny decided an orphanage death to him at no man’s land.

It seems to be that the nature also moved with his painful demise and so a ray of light is reflecting on him as a token of respect. But that is not happening actually. A strange ray light is travelling in the space. As it is coming closer, if we zoom on to that sight, it appears as if some persons are moving along the space. Yes, there were three persons flying in spaces. Let’s listen to their discussion:

Person 1: Sir, I can’t understand, who are you?

Person 2: We both are the divine people, soldiers of Mr. Indra, the leader of Gods.

Person 3: We are taking you to heaven as you were dead Mr. Raghu.

Raghu: Oh! I see. As seen in movies, I think yama bhats should take me know, why are you taking me off to heaven?

Soldier mitra: Ha-ha, you see Raghu, having been good throughout your life with negligible faults; you have been graced to stay in heaven.

As this discussion is going on Raghu who is Rahul’s close friend, saw a person lying on the surface of mars. He recognized him as his dear friend Rahul and was shocked to see him in a helpless state. With his wisdom he drafted a plan and started to apply it and talked to soldier mitra as below:

Raghu: Sir.

Soldier Mitra: Yes.

Raghu: What’s the difference between a Heaven and a Hell?

Soldier Mitra: In Heaven there will be no question of mistreating you. Everything will make you happy, you’ll enjoy the Heaven.

Raghu: So, you are saying that whatever I ask, you all will fulfill it.

Soldier Nanda: You are right dear.

Raghu: So, can I ask you a favor?

Soldier Mitra: Go on, it is our duty to bless you with favors.

Raghu: Sir, look there. He is my friend Rahul who is lying there helplessly, kindly help him please!

Soldier Mitra: What!? Have you gone mad, how is it possible? It would be a divine mistake, if we do that.

Soldier Nanda: Looks like you will make us guilty before Mr. Indra.

Raghu: No Sir, that’s not my intention, he is the icon of the whole humanity for a reason. He is on a mission. The whole life-race would gain with his life, he would be a path finder for the world, your divine mind must understand my words, kindly help him sir.

Soldier Mitra: Raghu, you being the deserver to enter the Heaven, I believe you. As Heavenly soldiers, our job is to fulfill the favors of humans. However, the life of a person can’t be decided by me, I have no idea regarding his life-span. So what we do is, we will take him along with us to heaven and produce before Mr. Indra, he will decide about his life, understand?

Raghu: Thank you sir.

So, Mr. Rahul was saved from death by giving him some supernatural powers that allow him to regain his energy and see them. Then they started to heaven on the heavenly vehicle. Rahul was amazed by the things happening around him and Raghu explained him all that happened in the mean time. They were arrived at the premises of heaven. Both of them were spellbound, watching the grandeur and the architectural extravaganza of the heaven. As they were entering the Heaven, Rahul was prevented from entering it. On intimation, Mr. Indra reached the entrance. Mr. Indra was surprised and enquired regarding him and frightened the entire Heaven with his anger. He shouted at the soldiers of the Heaven for their mistake in bringing a person alive to the Heaven. He considered it as a blunder and dismissed the two soldiers and surrendered Rahul and Raghu to the Hell.

So, Rahul and Raghu were transferred to the Hell. Anticipating the further consequences that he may overcome with its head Mr. Yama, Rahul asked Raghu to enter the Hell and he stayed back at the entrance of the premises. His idea is to find some solution in order to survive from further problems. So, Raghu entered inside and Rahul started roaming outside the compound wall and enjoyed the pleasure of watching its scenery and architectural excellence. So, as Rahul was roaming here and there, he heard a sweet voice from inside the premises. He peeped from outside to see whose voice is that and suddenly he was blown away on watching a beautiful lady. She was playing there with her fellow girls. He was totally flattened with the beauty of all the girls. Being a human, he laid the eye on the most beautiful lady. He then carefully climbed the compound wall and entered the Hell. He followed her with falling in no one’s eye and hence started playing hide-and-seek there. He managed to enter her place and found her alone. As she was in a special attire and full of jewelry, he thought she might be some local girl. Rahul had a habit of making girls run back of him easily with his intelligent, wise chatting and deeds. So, it is not a big deal to flirt this girl as she is innocent and is in an isolated area where she doesn’t know the living of a modern life-style woman. So, he steadily approached her. He greeted and acknowledged her mind-blowing beauty. So far, she did not come across such a kind of compliments and pleasant feeling while conversing with any-one. So, this guy succeeded in getting in-tact with her. After the interaction with each other, they became friends and had a great time chatting at no one’s’ place. During their conversation, he was impressed with the innocence, the serenity and noble heartedness of that girl. Though he wasn’t honest at his first sight, a genuine love started in him. But he knew that it is impossible to tie her knot as she was not a normal woman and left that place with a sort of sorrow.

He roamed in the premises carefully with no one’s notice. Then he saw his dear friend Raghu struggling with the rules and punishments over there. Rahul approached him silently and wished poor Raghu. He saw Rahul and cried out expressing his grief and impatience. He said, “Because of you I am suffering here, otherwise I would have enjoyed at the Heaven.” Rahul consoled him and asked, “Why to cry my dear? Now I am here to accompany you.” Slowly he calmed down and asked how he managed to enter the premises of the Hell. He laughed and said, “Nothing like managing, just climbed on the wall and entered.” Raghu again cried out anticipating another threat because of him. “Oh! Don’t worry dear. I saw here the most beautiful girl ever, so just entered to follow her and enjoy her beauty. I don’t know how but I really fell in love with her,” he said and taken him to show that girl. He shown that girl and at a shock, Raghu got stunned and was speechless. He also started shivering. Rahul asked the reason very anxiously. After a moment Raghu shouted at him saying, “Idiot, don’t you have any other job except for running back of that girl, do you know who she is? She is none other than Miss Devayani, the sole daughter of the leader of the Hell, Mr. Yama.” This time Rahul stunned for a moment and started jumping in isles with joy. Raghu didn’t understand for his untimely joy. After his repeated questioning, Rahul said, “Now I got a great chance to get relieved from here. He conveyed his plan to Raghu and got back again to Miss Devayani.

As he went to her place, she is waiting for him eagerly. She saw him and her delight can be noticed in her eyes. So, it is evident that this guy has injected the pleasant virus, “love” to her as well. Here, Rahul has something to say. But before him, “Rahul, right from the time I started speaking with you, I am undergoing a sort of feeling that is pleading me to keep on watching you, to keep on talking to you and above all, I am dieing to stay with you forever and ever, I want to marry you Rahul.” With these words Rahul was astonished, he never expected that. In fact he wanted to first propose her and was thinking how to convince her, but surprisingly, it is he who has to accept her proposal. Now his headache is to tell her all his history that has happened. He explained everything that happened and underwent some nerves as how she would react. But a very wise and courteous Devayani understood him and his honest love. She is a kind of person that if she commits once, she would strictly stick to that. So, she decided to convince her father at any cost and marry him. Rahul was quite excited because what all he has planned actually has got materialized easily without his effort. Previously he expressed his plan to Raghu. The plan was that he shall propose and convince her so that when she tell the same to her father, Mr. Yama, with no way ahead, has to accept their marriage because Mr. Yama has an immense love towards his stubborn daughter, further with his daughter’s recommendation, the couple can easily get back to the Earth again. This was the plan.

So, Miss Devayani went to her parents and revealed their love. Till then everything went smooth for Rahul at the Hell. But now the time arrived for him to get some hammering at the Hell. Mr. Yama got bursted with anger after hearing the matter. Mr. Yama has no selfish feeling while coming to the duty, whether it is his wife or daughter. He opened fire on Rahul pointing his serial of mistakes right from the planet Mars. He slapped her daughter when she was reluctant against him and ordered his assistant Mr. Chitraguptha to take out his whole history. Raghu shivered. Rahul was mum. The whole surroundings occupied with pin-drop silence.

Mr. Guptha with his super-natural powers projected the whole history of Rahul in front of them. As his movie was rolling down, the tension is rising up. Suddenly Rahul was shocked to know the bitter truth behind his failure of “Mission Mars”. He thought that due to some technical problems, the communication with the ground station has failed. But according to the data of Mr. Guptha, it was John F. Washington, the close friend and the member of his project team, who was responsible for the communication failure. With his jealous feeling, he couldn’t digest the fact that Rahul would become famous as the first person to step onto the mars. And also he couldn’t imagine an Indian to make history. So, he corrupted the whole radar signaling system and hence the Communication system crushed. Looking this, the people all around Rahul including Mr. Yama felt bad for the tragedy of Rahul. Mr. Yama, ordered Mr. Guptha to pick up the file of John and started examining his life history so far, the gist of his report is that:

* John is a very intelligent person. With his academic excellence, he secured PhD. degree and joined NASA.

* With his immense jealous feeling he couldn’t digest the fact that his friend is leading the project of “MISSION MARS-2020.” So, he presided over Rahul’s elimination.

* Further his mind worked much faster than the “Escape Velocity” of a rocket. He entered the politics of USA. After the death of “The President”, with his intelligence, leadership abilities, illusion and polity, he managed to capture the Interim President-ship. It is the criminal brain that is required in the Political arena and John has it, so it is not a big deal for him to become the President. So, he is Mr. President of the United States of America from March 6th 2027.

* In people’s opinion, he is a kind of “Walking Encyclopedia”, a Bureaucrat, people’s leader, a visionary. More than anything else, with his lovable speeches, he maintained his good reputation in common man all over the world.

It is the year 2028, by this time the United States is in hell a lot of problems. The main one is its economy, its financial position is degrading every year, unemployment is hitting the skies, and its defense power is facing a huge challenge from International terrorism. At the same time Asian countries like India and China were developing drastically in all regards. All the media and surveys held by famous organizations were proving that. By this, his cruel mind again started playing a spoil sport. He is a kind of person who doesn’t hesitate to do anything to uplift his ego.

* John drafted a devastating plan to turn India into pieces i.e. to smash India’s economy and law and order. As of attempting two murders with a single bullet, John made a private deal with Al-Qaida so that his country can be on a safe side. He promised to give financial and moral support to Pakistan while Pakistan has no regrets anyway in routing those funds to Al-Qaida directly. Naturally, Terrorists gain Financial and moral momentum and targets India to melt down its moral, economy and Harmony. At the same time Al-Qaida won’t touch USA for the time being. So, this was the agreement done with the International terrorist organization.

In this way, all the information regarding John has been kept out by Mr. Guptha. With this Rahul got disappointed and couldn’t believe that he has been deceived by a close friend. Mr. Guptha consoled him that, there is no need to surprise because it is the habit of a human being to cheat, deceive, act humiliate etc, and we are here to save the humanity from such evil humans. Mr. Yama also felt that it is not only a misfortune to Rahul and his family, but a great loss to Indian nation and its people. He thought that it’s time for him to survive the humanity from the menace of such evil humans. So, he thought to save humanity with the help of that human itself. Since, Rahul is not technically dead, with further consultation with other authorities like Mr. Indra, Mr. Brahma etc, he decided to send back Rahul to earth and let him see John’s end by giving him enough hints of John’s unrevealed secrets. But he rejected to marry his daughter to Rahul as there is no right for him to do so as she is a divine girl and Rahul is a human being. Obviously, Rahul and Devayani were disappointed and nothing to do more than that.

Rahul has a doubt in his mind as and when he heard that John has become President in the year 2028. He left the earth in the year in 2020 and was wondering how John became President in 2027. Mr. Guptha noticed his feeling and responded like this, “Look Rahul, when you are on earth it is the year 2020, but as and when you are out of the Solar System or out of the influence of the sun’s gravitational force, time is not a constraint either in heaven, hell or anywhere else out of solar system. So, as earth revolves at 29.77 KM per Second, by the time you left the earth and till now so far, approximately 8 years and 14 days were passed.”

All the Hell bided a grand farewell to Rahul and he reached back to earth in a special divine vehicle and as and when he stepped on earth, he again retained back his normal human nature. He straightly went to his house in Vizag, India. Naturally it would be a shocker for anybody to see a person coming back home who was suspected to be dead. The news even spread to International media. Suddenly his return happened to be talk of the town. So, everyone kept asking questions regarding his sudden appearance. In a statement to CNN (Cable News Network, USA news channel), he gave his explanation stating that, “When I was in the space shuttle, I anticipated some trouble in the communication system. It was giving an untimely and automatic signals to the ground station without my control, so I have rescued myself by jumping down out of the rocket and felt in Pacific Ocean. Then after a long swim, finally I managed to land on an island. It has taken years together to recover from that shock and get back to my mother land.” Not many tried to believe his story, but have to believe his return since he was found physically; also no-one had interest to investigate further regarding his return, hence this scenario came to an end. (That means they couldn’t even dream that something as mentioned above could have happened.)

Rahul started thinking how to prove John as a culprit. After a prolonged thought process he came up with an idea. He has taken an appointment from Interpol, USA and flown straight to Washington D.C. Since he knew about the secrete conversation between John and Al-Qaida person Mohammed Ali Qureshi, and the details of Qureshi’s movement, he reported his traces in USA to the Investigating agency, Interpol. The Interpol immediately got into the action while John was reluctant against this and blown out fire on Rahul in Media. But Rahul stood firm and the entire world stood for him. This is because with the experiences other countries had with John; they were already against the behavior of the President. So, John was started to be cornered slowly.

One fine day, the truth has broken out. On due Interrogation of Al-Qaida person, Ali Qureshi, John was reported allegedly as the Culprit and was detained from the President ship of America and taken into custody. There is no route for him to escape this time. After due investigation on him, finally he was charged for his acts on terrorist interactions and encouragement of terrorism and hence destiny sealed his fate behind the bars.

So, the whole world including the United States were jubilant for getting rid of such a dangerous person and proved that they were always against the evil irrespective of nation, religion and race. Mr. Rahul again got back into his work as an astronomer. He decided to resume his “Mission Mars” and this time he is performing the project for Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). Yes, since India is now a developed country it is quite capable to afford the project, “Mission Mars-2030”. There-fore Rahul geared up for yet another Mars journey. Let us hope it will be successful this time to mark it as a phenomenal victory of Man.


With this novel I would like to make two points here.

* While the story is moving on in a scientific backdrop until the lead character fell on Mars in unconscious state, suddenly the Yama bhats (we can say spiritual messengers, not only they, characters like Mr. Indra, Mr. Yama, Mr. Guptha, etc, are also spiritual messengers) appear in the scenario. That means the story has taken a “U” turn from a scientific genre to a Spiritual genre. By this I wish to highlight that as we humans are living in this physical world we believe Physical science. At the same time most of us generally neglect spiritual science. Since we study physics, we understand and believe Physical Science. As Rahul in this novel witnessed a spiritual messenger, who knows? Even we ourselves might notice proofs of spirituality in future. So, no need to overlook spirituality being in Physical world. Easy way to know and understand the spiritual world is to practice spirituality.

* Irrespective of the religion, just like the Villain character in this novel, when Man crosses his limits like destroying the whole humanity or its significant part for just because of his sheer selfishness and ego, the Almighty and the Omni-present god, in which ever form he may be in, whether he is in the form of a Hindu god or a Christian god or a Muslim god, he will never spare the evil human and shows his power in the form of an incident or appoints some other human itself just like Rahul in this novel to grave the evil. God always makes his presence under his physical absence.

I haven’t mentioned the above points on my own; these are nothing but Universal facts. I have done an honest attempt to bring out the above facts by narrating this fairy-tale. Hope you all liked it. Thanks for your patience throughout the reading.

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