Arrowana – Where Is The Great Arowana Fish Breed To Be Found?

An arowana can be one of the most expensive fish to buy in the world. This is especially true in Asia, where as legends have it the arrowana fish is rumored to bring luck, wealth and prosperity to its owner. So this has lead to the Asian arowana being one of the most expensive and highly collected breeds of this fish. Unfortunately this has also lead to the Asian arowana becoming scarce and it now has been placed on the CITES endangered species list.

Since the asian arrowana has been placed on the CITES list there has been sanctions and rules issued for the importing and owning of this fish in some countries. So here I will go through some of the other breeds and locations of arrowana that can be found worldwide.

The most common type of aquarium kept arowana is the silver arowana. They are found in south america along the amazon and amazon basin. These arowanas have been nicknamed water monkeys as they can jump up to a meter from the water to catch food. This arowana breed is still cheap in price as it is still commonly found in the wild.

The Australian arowana or pearl arowana as it is known can be found in the freshwater rivers and streams of Northern Australian. These are the most aggressive of all the arowana breeds which makes them an interesting alternative to have as a pet. The pearl arowana is still commonly found so it commands a low price on the market. There diets are 100% carnivorous so they are interesting to feed.

The green arowana is the most commonly found asian arowana breed. It can still be found quite easily in the wild in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. This fish is one of the cheaper arowanas to but as it is so easily found in the wild and also because of its dull green color. Collectors in Asia seem to go for the bright and shinier colored arowanas than this dull colored breed.

The black arowana is another breed of this fish which is starting to come on pressure. They are generally found in south America in the rio negro river basin. They are not unlike the silver aro’s but have become harder to find, so much so that the young black arowana has now been banned for export from Brazil.

I hope I have shown you some of the locations and different arowana breeds that can be found globally. Some of the breeds have become scarce and expensive but I hope I have given you some options for a cheaper and more affordable arowana fish to have as a pet.

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