Auto Traffic Xploit Review

Auto Traffic Xploit is the creation of two internet marketing entrepreneurs Ben S and Steve Lee Jones. It is designed to help internet marketers make money online by utilizing a software package program that is set up to send large amounts of targeted traffic to your website. The price for this software is $39.00 although if you go to escape from the sales page you will get the obligatory $10.00 of the price, meaning that it will cost you $29.00.

There are several upsells (well three actually) the first one costs you $168 and this is for auto-submission software to 35 different press release sites. The second is an automation of account set up and this will cost you $77 and the third upsell is to be completely hands free and this will set you back $97.

So what do you get for your money?

The first initial payment for Auto Traffic Xploit comes out to $29.00 you get 3 pieces of software including traffic generation software. You also get keyword xploit software which is said to delve into and find high search volume keywords and finally you get something called “auto xploit xtreme” this is aimed at getting you a higher rank on Google. Within this software you have four modules upon which you can use to create user accounts on differing directories.

It will also help you submit articles, press releases and help with social bookmarking. In addition it is designed to get powerful backlinks through use of good PR sites. On top of the software you will receive 10 step by step training videos teaching you how to use the system to its full potential. You also get a PDF manual which is designed to be read in conjunction with the videos.

The sales page to Auto Traffic Xploit is a little long winded to say the least but if you can cut through the hype, then there is a good product underneath waiting to come out. The sales page mentions that it is only going to ever sell 100 and then the website will be closed down for good, but my guess is that this is also part of the hype.

The problem is that at the time of writing, there are a lot of new launch software programs on the market all claiming to be the next best “plug in and make money” system. Some of them good and some of them no so good.

For what it’s worth, my take on Auto Traffic Xploit is that you probably aren’t going to generate the sums of money that the sales page tells you, however it may well be pretty useful as a business tool and in that respect, it just might be worth the initial $29.00 fee.

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