Buried Treasure in Florida – Waiting For You and Your Metal Detector

I’ve loved stories about buried treasure since I was a kid. Often I’d dream of hearing the whine of the Metal Detector sensor as it picked up my fortune waiting for me below the surface…

Sadly it was usually a rusty nail or an old tin box. But that wasn’t in Florida! The Sunshine State is still estimated to have millions of dollars worth of treasure,from its rich and bloody Pirate history, just waiting for the patient and persistent treasure seeker.

Only a fraction of the estimated treasure store in Florida has been discovered, but even so, finds by workmen and ordinary citizens are relatively common. The next one might be you!

The West Coast of Florida is a key pirate center and one of its busiest villains was Gasparilla. Charlotte Harbor area was his stomping ground and he is known to have established a base at Boca Grande. And yes…you’ve got it…that’s where Gasparilla Island got its name! The Islands around this beautiful region of Florida are reputed to be laden with treasure.

Tampa Bay area (and specifically Egmont Key) is also significant in the Buried Treasure Hall of Fame. The Brigand in question this time was Caster. If you want a starting point for your Tampa Bay explorations, head to Sweetwater Creek which is well known as a key pirate site by the local population.

If you think this might possibly be a new hobby or interest, take a look on Ebay. If you do a search right now you’ll find many metal detectors available – both new and used to suit all budgets. Then all you need to do is select your beach or dune in the Sunshine State and go for it.

Imagine the thrill of digging up your very own chest of Caster’s Gold!

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