Colors Of Life By Mohan Thulasingam

‘Colors of Life’ is a collection of poems written over a period of three decades. It reflects the various facets of our day-to-day life. “My experience is that some poems are written in five minutes, and some take even months” is what the author has confessed in the preface of the book. He further described as ‘Poetry is in the eyes, minds of an individual. It can be expressed in different ways… varied interpretations expressed in interesting patterns.’

The book has a hundred-plus poems of varying length, from a quadruple titled ‘True Prayer’ to the ten-stanzas verse as ‘A Day in A Dog’s Life.’ Nevertheless, different genres of the poetry like Cinquain, Limerick, Haiku, Free verse, Acrostic, Sonnet, etc. have been employed in these poems. Such a variety and depth in verses from a person of non-native English origin needs to be appreciated.

It opens with ‘Life’ as the first poem. Beautifully narrates the truth of our life as ‘Life gives experience. Experience guides life.’ He stresses the value of Nature to human beings in one poem; a few lines are reproduced here for your viewing.

Nature is the best tutor,

Learn better to prosper.

Nature stays to charm,

Imitation strays to harm.

Nature nourishes peace on earth,

Man-made accomplishes pieces of earth.

The author has aesthetically enumerated good examples to convey his impressions of what he has seen and felt in the Nature through the verse ‘Purpose.’ Why we need to control our temper is nicely brought out in ‘Anger’ while he elucidated the qualities and types of soul under ‘Great Soul.’ He also guides us through the verses of Activeness, Dedication, Laziness, Dawn, Ego, Qualities, Mind, Thought, etc..

The stages of human life are depicted under Mother, Childhood, Age, Retirement, Death, A Will, etc. The need for control over the senses is duly addressed under ‘ Senses ‘ that ends with an advisory ‘ Beware and behave like a tortoise of calm.’

Significance of time and patience is highlighted in ‘ Time matters ‘ poem. ‘ Success ‘ and ‘ Failure ‘verses make us understand them in their right perspectives, when he writes ‘ One’s failure is Success of another, Failure teaches the best while Success remains complacent.’

Even topical subjects like Technology, Terrorism, Poverty, Teamwork, Corruption, Share market, Cinema, etc. have been analyzed in this book. However, Spirituality is not left out, but composed under the captions like Wisdom, Religion, True Prayer, Who am I?, Falsehood, etc..

Nonetheless, the author has limited his expressions and ideas to a few lines in respect of most of his work. He might have felt to restrain from the elaboration and leave the readers in a thought process. Else, the time and resources would have constrained him to write shorter verses.

Whatever be the shortcomings, this poetry book ‘Colors of a Life’ exhibits a new style of poetry that throws up a holistic view of the human life and the contemporary world.

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