E-Invoicing – Swift and Reliable Accounts Payable Automation

The evolution of technology has created new avenues for suppliers to send across invoices and for you to manager your accounts payable process without manual inputting. E-Invoicing and online Accounts Payable automation eliminates errors and helps to drive down the cost of staff processing costs.

Automation software has the capability to automate an entire accounts payables process – from the creation of purchase orders and the receipt of invoices, to handling disputes and submitting payments online. Instead of receiving a large quantity of paper invoices a fully electronic automated solution integrates easily with existing systems and enables finance teams to send secure e-purchase orders and have a solitary view of the entire payables process.

E-Invoicing and Accounts Payable automation saves 62% per invoice on processing and has the capacity to host 10 years’ online archiving. Companies looking to implement a greener, more sustainable financial process will be instantly attracted to this system. In the current economic climate any service that eliminates the possibility of overpayment errors is a positive for any business.

Making the switch between paper and electronic can be an almost instantaneous process with Paper to Data invoice scanning available to any business. The process involves scanning all inbound paper invoices before outputting the data directly into an ERP or finance system. This is a cost-effective stepping stone to full E-Invoicing.

This is made possible by specialists in E-Invoicing solutions who develop sophisticated and compliant E-Invoicing solutions for large corporates, banks, and financial institutions worldwide – specialising in automating and simplifying complex finance processes to improve efficiency, increase control, and reduce costs.

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