Ethics in Business and Project Management

Evolution of thought of Ethics in Business- Business Ethics received the attention of philosophers in mid 1970s, although the subject certainly existed before that time – especially in many institutions. It also received the attention of some management professors in the social issue management division.


1) Total Project Management- Concept, relationship with other function and other organization, organizing for project management- matrix Organization- the project manager is an entrepreneur

2) Project Identification– Scouting for project ideas and promoters, identification of investment, opportunities, basis of governmental regulatory framework various acts and laws affecting project identification.

3) Location Decisions- Objectives, factors affecting locations concept of Industrially Backward Areas, incentives available for appropriate location.

4) Project Appraisal– market Appraisal, demand estimation and forecasting, technical appraisal- raw materials -technology-product mix plant, capacity-distribution channels.

5) Project financing- Basic concept of cost project, profitability analysis, means of financing, raising capital, assessing tax burden and using financial projection appraisal criteria used by lending institution.

6) Risk Analysis of Project-measures of risk, use of subjective probabilities, mathematical analysis, sensitivity analysis, simulation analysis, decision tree analysis.

7) Project planning, Monitoring & Control- network Techniques- Gantt charts, network cost system, resource allocation and scheduling, progress report, updating, management information system for projects.

8) Use of computer in network analysis- project re-engagement package- choosing and using them.

9) Case study.



Significance of Environment Management – Board outline of national environment policy definition of environment with particular reference to management. Environmental issue relevant to India. Present status of Environment management major issue, scope of Environmental Management, role and functions of the government as a planning, organizing directing, implementing and controlling agency. Managerial aspects involved in Environment management. Environment Quality Management-Overview of the role and responsibilities of the industries.

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