Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Hematology Analyzer

Medical laboratories depend on different types of lab devices to deliver accurate test results within a short span of time. A hematology analyzer is an indispensable instrument which is used for the analysis of blood cells and count, segregation of white blood cells, identification of abnormal cells, and evaluation of other bodily fluids and platelets.

Hematology Lab Equipment Purchase – Points to Remember

When buying a hematology analyzer for your clinical laboratory needs, it is important to evaluate the different models offered by popular manufacturers. Some of the top models offered by well-known manufacturers include Beckman Coulter, Abbott Diagnostics, Horiba ABX and QBC Diagnostics. Models may differ with regard to features and specifications. So you should keep your requirements and budget constraints in mind to choose the right model.

Some other top points to be considered are:

  • Lab space – Always choose a model that fit in your laboratory. If your lab has space constraints, it is better to choose a space saving model. For example, QBC STAR Centrifugal Hematology system is a compact and portable model measuring just 16 inch x 16 inches.
  • Features and specifications – Considering the main features and specifications of the product is important. Modern analyzers are equipped with a comprehensive line of features such as automated testing, compact bench top design, high system reliability, single button operator interface, closed vial sampling, automated quality assurance functions, keyboard display, automated testing and easy programming options. Make sure the device you consider has features that will meet your needs. Select a model that can provide correct and consistent results within minimal time to minimize operational costs.
  • Budget – While analyzing how much to invest on the purchase of lab device, it is equally important to consider the long-term benefits that it can offer. A quality analyzer would provide quick and accurate results and can prove to be more cost-effective in the long run. Reliable lab equipment stores offer quality devices at competitive prices.
  • Automation – Leading manufacturers offer high-throughput analyzers that are fully automated. The automation feature allows measurement and analysis of different samples quickly and precisely with minimal human assistance.
  • Test result efficiency – Select a model that delivers an accurate test results within minimal time which will ensure workflow efficiency. Clinical labs equipped with such devices will certainly have a competitive advantage. For example, the Abbott Cell Dyn 1800 hematology analyzer delivers sample test results within just 60 seconds. Identify the throughput capabilities of the system and check whether it can meet expected turnaround times.
  • Low maintenance – It is important to select analyzers that are user-friendly and easy to maintain, and come with proper warranty.

Purchase Hematology Analyzers from a Reliable Supplier

Finding a reliable lab equipment supplier should be your top priority. Reputable dealers offer both new and recertified hematology analyzers from top brands like Beckman Coulter, Abbott, Horiba ABX, Medica, and others. The right dealer will help you choose a quality product that suits your individual needs and budget. They will also offer superior post-sales support such as quick installation, timely and efficient maintenance, and repair services.

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