Fit a Baby Car Mirror and Never Look Back!

So, we’re happy we’ve chosen the perfect car seat for our child. It’s exactly right for the age, size and weight of our precious cargo and they are comfortable and secure.

Most safety advisory bodies and common sense tells us that they need to be secured in the rear seats. Also until 1 year old they should also be in a rear facing child seat. All great advice that should be followed to ensure our children are transported safely.

One major problem though is the isolation and inability to communicate or keep an eye on our children and not be dangerously distracted from driving.

If our child is old enough to be safely put in a forward facing seat at least they can talk to the back of our heads. If we put them on the opposite side of the rear seat we can catch a glimpse of them and make some eye contact through the rear-view mirror.

If they are babies and in a rear facing seat, we can only use verbal communication to try to pacify or comfort them. All very frustrating and dangerously distracting. So much so that I started to look at what solutions might be available.

Thank goodness for the internet! I discovered that baby car mirrors are available from most reputable baby accessory manufacturers. They just don’t seem to promote them. I have know idea why because it has revolutionised travelling with my children in the car.

For rear facing car seats, mirrors are available that have universal fittings that attach the mirror to headrests, armrests and anything that you can fit velcro straps around. They are specifically design for this purpose and have plastic non-shatter mirrors. The fixings are secure so the unit doesn’t become dangerous in the event of a collision.

For front facing car seats, secondary rear-view mirrors that attach to the main rear-view mirror, wind-shield or dash board are available. These are adjusted so that you can see your child with minimum distraction and they can see you. As with any product there are some better than others and I’ve seen some where the quality of the plastic mirror is very poor so the image is not clear or distorted.

With the internet, it is now possible to read customer reviews from your home and make your decision based on other peoples experiences. That’s what I did and will never look back (while driving).

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