Go Kart Accidents – Risk Management

Go karts are fun. They make you feel like you are in a Formula 1 racer. You are so close to the ground that it feels like you are going 100 mph. At that moment the farthest thing from our minds is the reality of racing, especially the history of racing, where people died.

We almost forget that a teen idol James Dean rolled his Porche Spyder and lost his life. There is a glory to racing, and there is the tragic to racing.

Back then, that was the learning curve in racing. It was a later innovation to use roll bars, roll cages and better safety equipment to prevent such catastrophes.

The reality though is most people do not want to face this: accidents do happen.

We tend to have these nerves of steel, which steal reality away from underneath us.

We need to ask the following questions:

– What contingency plans do I have that will cover an accident?

– Do I have insurance?

– What if a neighbor rides my go kart and hurts themselves?

– Do I have insurance that will cover them?

– Or how will this be handled?

– Can I get insurance for a go kart?

The grief of fretting mothers needs to be considered at the outset. Put yourself in a mother’s shoes, and you will get the idea.

Translation Trees don’t move, you will. And probably in the opposite direction like a super ball!

Go karts to a mother are equal to NRDD :

– Noise

– Recklessness

– Danger

– Death.

You may not think an accident can be that severe, however, counting the cost is a large part of go karting. An understanding of vehicle dynamics and the potential disasters that can occur when gokarting need to be grasped and understood.

When we watch “You-Tube” and see some Yahoo jumping off a roof and landing on his privates, we know that is dumb. If we know that is dumb then we need to put similar thinking into keeping the “dumb” in the closet.

Insurance is designed to repair the broken bones and the scrapes, but the unsaid is that it cannot repair a paraplegic or a broken neck. Even Christopher Reeve didn’t make it…don’t think that gokarting is any different.

A healthy fear of the laws of nature and their reaction towards gokart performance is a good thing.

Your job here is to minimize those risks…

Hence the next section “How am I going to Drive This Go Kart?”

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