High Risk Driver Insurance – How to Find Lower Rates

High risk driver insurance can be obtained but always at a high price. However, the news is that even if you have been labeled as a high risk driver you may still be able to get discounts. But, the best way as always to reduce your auto insurance rates is to drive safely.

Having a car of your own is an advantage in your part for you don’t need to go arm to arm with people on the subway or wait for the bus. Having your own car means having your own time at your own pace. You could go to a meeting on time and not worrying if you’ll catch the bus or not. But one of the disadvantages of car is being trapped in traffic when this happens expect that you’ll be late.

If you buy a car you also have to take some responsibility such as maintaining the car in good condition, and having your car insured. Almost every state in the United State of America requires car owners and drivers to have their car insured.

It is for the well being of the driver and the community so that they will be protected when unexpected accidents occur. Car insurance is good especially for those riskier drivers, but being put in a high risk level means that your premium rate is higher compared to those drivers that has a clean record and is not constantly involved in an accident.

Here are some factors in which how auto insurance company classify a high risk driver.

  • Teenagers, young and new drivers are considered as risky because of their inexperience in driving.
  • You must have a clean record for if you have DUI or DWI in your record you will be automatically placed on the high risk driver category.
  • You must be careful to not involve yourself in an accident even if it is not your fault. For if you are constantly involved in accidents the insurance company might think that you are a reckless driver and will there for put you on the high risk category.
  • If you have lots of speeding ticket then that would be a problem for the company will think you might have a high chance to be involve in an accident.
  • Also men are usually considered a great risk than women for men are more aggressive than the ladies.
  • Your credit history is also one of their bases in labeling you as risky or not if you have bad credit ratings then you will be more likely put as a high risk driver.

The insurance company will considered you a high risk driver is you belong to one of the two categories below.

  • You’ll be considered as a high risk driver is you have a single conviction, guilty plea. This is a plea for hit and run, if you are driving while under the influence of drugs or any alcoholic drink, reckless driving etc. within a period of twelve months.
  • You will also be labeled as a bad risk if you are convicted 3 or more guilty pleas for moving violations.
  • So if you don’t want to be labeled or put into the category of high risk driver and pay a high premium rate you should take care of your driving record as well as not letting yourself be involve in an accident.

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