How Americans at Risk For Heart Disease Can Live Healthier Lives Taking Supplements

In the US, heart disease is one of the major killers that affect one in every three adults. Unfortunately even teens are developing this disease from an early age. Americans at risk for heart disease can live healthier if they know how. Read on to find out.

Many people are not aware of having high blood cholesterol levels which can seriously damage their health. High cholesterol is a primary cause of heart attack and stroke. In fact, the higher the cholesterol level, the higher your risk of heart attack. Last year, around a million Americans were diagnosed with this killer disease and half a million die every year as a consequence.

Another contributing factor to development of heart disease is smoking. Smokers tend to ignore the warnings on cigarette packets, or are unaware that tobacco is the silent killer. Whether it is cigarette, cigars, hookahs or pipe, they can all be harmful to your health.

Vitamin supplements have been around for many years, and they are often the preferred method over prescribed medication. There are many advantages of taking supplements rather than prescribed drugs for preventing heart disease. You may not have heard about homocysteines, so before we explain more about vitamin supplements, first we should understand homocysteines.

You may have already heard of amino acids which are the main building blocks of proteins. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts have been using amino acids for years to help maintain and build sturdy muscles. Most amino acids are good for your body but there are also bad amino acids known as homocysteines, which are released into your body after digesting high protein food.

However, there are some supplements that are very beneficial for reducing the risk of heart disease. Folic acid, magnesium, vitamin B and C increase energy levels and serve unique functions in the body. These supplements are great for keeping the heart healthy.

If you have already had a heart attack, then consider taking omega 3 fish oil supplements in order to reduce the risk of further heart attacks and stroke. This is due to the fact that fish oils decrease the stickiness of platelets in the blood so that the arteries do not clog up. Make sure the supplement you purchase contains purified and fresh fish oils.

Now you can see that supplements play a major role in keeping your heart healthy, especially if you combine them with low saturated diet, moderate daily exercise, healthy weight and avoiding cigarette smoking.

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