How to Start Trading FOREX – First Find a FOREX Advisory Service

If you’re just starting out in the FOREX trading business, one of the hardest things to find are good sources of information that will enable you to break into the FOREX market.   There is a lot of money to be made in FOREX and as with anything that offers large financial rewards it attracts a lot of scammers and chancers.  Whilst there are many free sources of information that don’t actually offer anything useful, there are also plenty of FOREX advisory services offering good information that can be of great benefit to beginners and even seasoned FOREX traders. What is the role of a FOREX advisory service and how can you choose a good one?

Role of a FOREX Advisory Service

FOREX advisory services are staffed by experts and successful forex traders who have become very adept at judging the market movements and are then able to contact clients quickly with the latest trends.Among the many services available, a FOREX advisory service typically offers the following:

  • one-to-one consulting,
  • currency forecasts
  • personalized contact
  • general FOREX advice

The information available these services can be useful, not only to you the investor, but also to big corporations and fund managers. FOREX advisory services make their money by predicting the trends of the FOREX trading markets for the benefits of the investors, offering charts, updates and technical analysis of  all the major currencies. This information enables traders to strategize their trading and make future decisions based on solid information, rather than gut feelings, or even wild guesses, although like any predictive endeavour the results can never be 100% accurate.

Choosing a reliable and successful FOREX advisory service

Choosing a reliable and successful FOREX advisory service is not easy, especially for a beginner. What should one look for when trying to decide which service to employ?  There are many scams to be aware of in the forex trading industry and The United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission warns against the increase in the number of Internet websites fraudulently promoting commodity trading systems and advisory services.  Beginners are particularly vulnerable, so please consider the following when choosing an advisory service;

  • Check credentials and authenticates – Some sites falsely claim that their performance results are based on real trading but in fact they are results of ‘paper’ trading where no real money was on the table.                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Support – What kind of support will the service offer?  When you are starting out there will be a lot of things that you don’t understand and it will be extremely helpful if your FOREX advisory service is willing to answer your queries as they come up. 
  • Paper trade – It is recommended that you ‘paper-trade’ any signals before going live with an account. Doing so will give you the opportunity to become comfortable with the way the system you have signed up for is actually traded.

To be successful it may not always be necessary to employ a FOREX advisory service [] but beginners need all the help they can get and the services can be very useful in keeping traders up-to-date with current and future information and trends. Choosing a successful advisor with proper credentials can be difficult, but by using these tips, you can make an informed decision.

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