North Korea Sanctions – Is This the Right Approach

China has accepted a modified draft of sanctions against North Korea, however Russia was still holding out although, Russia’s UN Ambassador has indicated that the draft is heading in the right direction.

Both China and Russia supported resolution 1718 which was imposed on North Korea after the 2006 nuclear test, however neither country implemented the sanctions. China’s response and implementation of the sanctions would probably be the strongest determinant of the effectiveness of the sanctions.

Pyongyang, however is showing no indication of complying with UN requests. It is obvious he is on a course to becoming a Nuclear Power in the region.

It is going to be interesting to see how the World is going to respond to the latest provocation by Pyongyang considering the 2006 sanctions had little or no effect. The question I ask myself is how can Pyongyang take this course with the threat of tougher sanctions, have the 2006 sanctions had no effect? If so, why? Is anyone actually implementing the imposed sanctions? Is the new draft going to be any more effective?

Pyongyang has warned that any interference with shipping in and out of the country will be considered an act of war and that he would retaliate accordingly. Do we take him seriously or are these just empty threats. I hope we do not get to the point where we actually find out for the consequences will be far reaching.

What is the general feeling out there? what are our options and should we be so concerned in the first place?

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