Penis Enlargement Devices – Top 3 Devices For Enlargement

There are penis enlargement devices used to increase the size of the penis. Here are the top 3, most popular tools to use for increasing size effectively.

1. Penis Pumps. These are used by inserting the penis inside a tube like container and then proceeding to pump. What this does is increase blood flow and hence force greater size. Now you are not going to get bigger after one session, pumps require multiple sessions over the course of several weeks. While this has been a popular approach for male enhancement size gain, it isn’t without it’s risks. Pumping too hard and too often can lead to a bruised penis. You could pop a vessel and have little warning of it beforehand. It is hard to determine the success rate with pumps, since many men stop using pumps after only a few sessions due to the risk factors. But still, there have been many men who claim size gain from pumping.

2. Extending Devices. The latest penis enlargement devices have been extenders. These are contraptions which work by inserting your penis inside the unit, locking it in and then gently extending the device so that your penis becomes stretched out. For some, this can resemble more of an instrument of torture than a male enhancing unit! But when used properly guys have claimed increaed size gains. While the risk factor is slightly lessened as compared to pumps, it still can be easy to over extend and cause damage. The risk factor is difficult to determine, as extenders are fairly new and not a tremendous amount of feedback has come in yet. But it is a popular device and some men claim positive size gains.

3. Hands as Instruments. Many men don’t realize that they already have an effective device at their disposal. Their own two hands. Hands are actually the original instrument or device when it comes to penis enlargement. Just as we used to build things with our own two hands before replacing them with higher tech instruments, male enhancement gains were accomplished with the hands only approach. Hands as penis enlargement devices originated hundreds of years ago with men in tribes who, as part of ritual, would increase their penis by using their hands. Much of the other instruments used today for enlarging, are just copying what these tribes did with their hands. The hands are used to not only stretch out and extend the penis, but also they are used to massage it repeatedly. After time, these exercises lead to increased length and increased width. The risk factor is very low when using the hands over other instruments. And hand exercises are known to be not only as effective, but actually more effective than the modern day devices.

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