PLC SCADA Are the Best Friends to Automation Industry

It was a time in which the industries were struggling to develop more products due to under development in technological aspects, but now anyone can say that industries are struggling now. Yes, some industries may be struggling, but most of the industries are well developed now and it is due to the development in technological aspects. Beyond manufacturing, automation has made some impact in the industries and it is playing a major role in the Indian economy. The process of automation has not only reached the manufacturing industries, it has also reached well beyond it and even the analysis of cells and tissues have been carried out in much accuracy. Automate teller machine, the cash withdrawal machine is also a development in automation process.

This automation process will get well developed in 20th and 21st centuries and also will transform the world economy from industrial jobs to service jobs. Most of the people have a negative thought regarding automation such as it reduces the employment opportunities, but it is false, in turn it is giving more employment opportunities and also, has changed the economic growth worldwide. Yes, the automation has changed the public life and some of the machines that you generally use are the inventions of the automation process and system. The automatic washing machines have engine control units and reduce the automated down time and have also consumed less time for laundry. The other example is the automatic dishwasher you use; it is also a development in automation system.

Most of us never analyze the things that are backbone to development of some of the processes. In that way, the PLC and SCADA or we can say PLC SCADA are the success behind the automation industries. They are the best friends to the automation industries, and PLC is an abbreviated form for programmable logic controller and it is also called as a digital computers. It is called as digital computer because it is used for the automation of many electro mechanical processes such as control of machinery on factory, amusement rides and lighting fixtures. PLC is designed in such a way that it can be used to control multiple inputs and outputs and also, you can handle extreme temperature ranges. These control devices are immunity to electrical noises and resistant to vibration and impact.

You can programme the PLC by using application software’s on personal computers. The machine that is programmed by the PLC is resistant to severe conditions such as dust, moisture, heat and cold. So you have made a machine with some programmable logic, what is the next thing needed? You need to control that device and that function is performed by the SCADA. It monitors and controls the industrial processes and when considering the hardware solutions, it has DCS (distributed control system) components that are capable of executing simple logical processes without any involvement of master computer. So without these two automation concepts, the industrial automation fails, nowadays many companies are recruiting the people and then they train them by the PLC automation training. Many centres teach the PLC SCADA training in Chennai with good recruitment facilities as well.

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