Public Liability Insurance for Steel Workers, Fixers/Erectors And Reinforcing Rod Installers

If you are a steel worker, working in the Steel Industry, working as a Steel Fixer/Erector, or a Reinforcing Rod Installer, Liability Insurance is difficult to find. As a Steel Erector – you may work with heat, or no heat, and you may work at heights which are factors of high risk. The nature of your work will need carefully assessing to make sure the underwriter has a full understanding of your business – which guarantees a policy which covers you comprehensively. Good upfront underwriting ensures that valid claims get settled swiftly and efficiently.

If you install Steel Reinforcing Rods, you may pour cement too – another important factor that the insurer must understand when assessing the risk to the public and other site workers. Underpinning may also be part of your business which must be declared at the upfront underwriting stage. Insurers will also want to know if you work underground or at heights.

While shopping for Public Liability Insurance, steel workers can expect a full and lengthy fact-finding process, which in the long run guarantees a policy which will settle valid claims quickly. Without all relevant details about your specific steel working business the underwriter can not expect to assess the risk, and won’t be able to offer a quotation.

Good quality Public Liability Insurance for a Steel Erector, or Reinforcing Rod Installer is unlikely found using on-line quotation systems. Tick boxes and drop- down menus can not capture the information effectively and each business, sub-contractor will have a unique job which is best discussed on the telephone. This way you will have piece of mind that the risk you pose while on site working has been fully assessed, and you are not leaving anything to chance. Your covered.

Most Liability Insurance claims are made up of 3 types –

– Slips, Trips and Falls

– Stress and Anxiety due to hold ups

– being struck by falling objects

The Liability Insurance provided for a Steel Erector, Reinforcement Rod Installers and other types of occupation within the steel industry – insist on strict guidelines on Risk Assessment processes, Employee Training, Protective Clothing enforcement, and strict, and clear Health and Safety Procedures.

Any tradesmen self-employed or owning a company should have a Public Liability Insurance Certificate, however any Sub-Contractors you hire should have their own policy and will only be covered on your policy if:

a) The sub-contractor is on your payroll as an employee and you submit their PAYE contributions, and

b) your policy includes Employer Liability as an add-on feature.

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