Risk Management – Marketing by Word of Mouth

Wikipedia proclaims that word of mouth marketing is the passing of information from person to person. To promote product and destinations the old-fashioned way would have been to visit with friends or family and tell them what was new in your life and find out what they were up to in theirs. The same is true for the business world. Staff meetings, client interaction and news conferences were responsible to get the word out about the product being promoted.

Modern technology has enhanced word of mouth marketing through a multitude of social networks. Online companies provide the opportunity, without leaving the house, to receive information and try sample products. Discussions about sample marketed items that have been distributed or have been tested are also available through forums and blogs.

Travel sites have reviews available for the modern-day traveler. Often, these have been written by people who have been to these places and give a personal insight into the destination of choice. Restaurant web sites have a section to leave a comment about the food, service, pricing and establishment as a whole. And let’s not forget the critics of the world who make it their business to keep everyone informed.

This current century’s method of word of mouth communication indicates we are losing out on some in-person verbal socializing. However, and much to our benefit, whenever possible in today’s society, combining an in-person verbal review with any available online word of mouth marketing about the topic of choice will give the advantage of well-rounded knowledge allowing the most informed decision on subject.

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