Schwinn 203 Recumbent Bike Review

The Schwinn 203 Recumbent Bike may be my favorite of the many quality Schwinn models. But is it the right recumbent stationary bicycle for you? I will describe a few aspects of this exercise bike for you to ponder.

Schwinn as a company has been around since 1895. And unlike many other long-running companies which slowly shifted industries when technologies changed, Schwinn has been making and evolving bicycles for that entire time. So we’re talking about a bicycle manufacturer with literally over a century of experience.

In the last decade, Schwinn has made great strides in the refinement of their stationary exercise bikes. Their specialty has become the Schwinn recumbent stationary bike. Recumbent bikes have grown in popularity primarily because so many people can adapt to an exercise machine utilizing them. They put little strain on backs and knees and they are remarkably comfortable to operate.

The Schwinn 203 Recumbent Bike is an upgrade to the popular Schwinn 201 Recumbent Bike. They are basically the same model with the addition of a couple of key features.

The Schwinn 203 Recumbent Bike features an extra 5 program modes compared to the 201. Four of these modes provide comprehensive monitoring of your fitness progress while the fifth mode allows you to create your very own custom workout and set your own specific fitness goals.

The Schwinn 203 features the excellent and incredibly comfortable Bio-Fit Comfort Seat, neat heart sensor grips beside the seat which take your pulse as you workout and a nice big LCD screen on which to view all data you might require to measure your progress.

The monitor provides detailed feedback on RPM, watts, distance, speed, calories burned, interval time, resistance, time lapse and even more.

The Schwinn 203 Recumbent Bike measures at 56 inches by 25 inches and accepts up to 300 pounds of weight. This quality Schwinn recumbent exercise bike will provide you years of rigorous yet comfortable exercise in the security and comfort of your own home.

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