The Importance of Risk Assessment and Identifying Hazards in the Work Place

Everyone will agree to the fact that health is the most important thing in our life. We all want to live a healthy life in a clean environment. Most of the people who work spend their entire day in the offices. It is very important to identify the hazards in the workplace and then start the process of Risk Assessment. We should know that risk assessment process helps us find the reasons that can create some health issues at work places. Risk Assessment is a long procedure; however, it should not be taken as a complex procedure.

The people who are responsible for risk assessment procedure undergo a thorough research and study in order to find the reasons that might pose danger to health of the employees. Make sure that you undertake a Risk Assessment according to the requirements of the company. As an employer, it is your duty to take safety measures to keep the employees safe.

Identifying hazard is not a tough task. A hazard is basically a potential risk, such as different sort of chemicals, fire risks, varying heavy loads or other stuff that might lead to an accident. HSE have given some basic points to keep in mind, in order to reveal the basics risk assessment. It is very important to identify all kinds of hazards from the smaller ones to the big ones. Also, you have to analyze how many people can get hurt if any unforeseen situation arises. Not everyone is at the risk or in danger, but there are certain groups who might be in danger if the risk assessment team does not complete its job properly.

It is very important to analyze the level of the risk. Once the level is known, safety measures can be taken in accordance to the situation. Not all hazards result in high level of risk. Once you have identified the hazard, you need to identify the groups, which can be affected. After evaluating the level of the risk and the people to be possibly affected, it is recommended that you decide on what precautions can be taken. It is very important to communicate things properly to the staff. Write down the important points and distribute them among the staff so that everyone can have access to the detailed information.

Let us take an example of a hazard. Office boys or workers, who have the responsibility of cleaning the windows of plazas, are at the high risk level. They might get hurt while using the chemicals or slip from the lifts that are used to clean the glass windows. These workers can get minor or major injuries, in case an accident occurs. In this manner, you have to categorize the level of the risk and then take precautions to deal with the situation effectively.

After a complete assessment and identification of hazards in a workplace, you need to take another look at all the possible hazards and think about some additional things that could help you reduce the chances of an accident.

This process is not only important for the safety of the employees and is required by law, but it is also a very good way of identifying the risks involved in the jobs being done in offices. By identifying the risks, we can save people from minor or major accidents.

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