The Uncovering Hidden Risks Podcast Returns to the Compliance Podcast Network | Thomas Fox – Compliance Evangelist


The risk landscape for organizations has changed significantly in the past few years. Traditional ways of identifying and mitigating risks simply do not work. They focus primarily on external threats when risks from within the organization are just as prevalent and harmful. Additionally, regulations change frequently, and it is difficult for security and compliance leaders to keep up on these changes.

The Compliance Podcast Network is therefore thrilled to have back for a limited series, the Microsoft podcast, The Uncovering Hidden Risks, which will explore the need for enterprises to quickly move to a more holistic approach to data protection and reduce their overall risk. The show will cover an array of topics, across data governance, risk management, and compliance. It will address industry trends and customer pain points.

In each episode Erica Toelle, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft Purview, partners with a Microsoft guest host to interview a guest leader in the data governance and compliance industry. These experts have a unique and deep understanding of the challenges organizations face, and the people, processes, and technology used to address them.

We are excited to have this podcast made available to the listeners of the Compliance Podcast Network so that they may listen in to these conversations as Erica and her Microsoft colleagues discuss a range of interesting topics, ranging from trends, best practices, and real-life strategies for developing a holistic data governance and risk management program.

The Uncovering Hidden Risks podcast will launch on Wednesday, September 28th with the first episode in the series.  

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Here is a preview of the first episode, posting on Wednesday, September 28th:

Transitioning to a holistic approach to data protection

Guest Bret Arsenault, CVP, CISO at Microsoft joins us on this week’s episode of Uncovering Hidden Risks to discuss how a holistic approach to data protection can deliver better results across your organization and the three steps that can get you there. Erica Toelle and Talhah Mir host this week’s episode to chat with Bret about current trends in the data protection space, what data protection issues are top of mind, and how teams should start on their data protection strategy.

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