The Zodiac Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

The New Zodiac Zoom Aboveground Pool Cleaner is product of Zodiac, a global leader in the automatic pool cleaners and aquatic products. Inventors of the world-famous boats, has united their knowledge of highly developed hydrodynamics with Baracuda’s tested and tried pool automation technology to offer you the ultimate swimming pool cleaner called the Zodiac Zoom aboveground pool cleaner.

The Zodiac Zoom pool cleaner provides the advanced technology of automatic pool cleaning. The clandestine to the Zodiac Zoom’s better pool cleaning performance is the underwater steering capabilities and latest technological features. It uses similar principle propulsion, buoyancy and water flow as other aquatic transports.

The Zodiac Zoom pool cleaner makes the option simple. The Zodiac Zoom pool cleaner will automatically remove debris, dirt, twigs, sand, bugs, leaves and pebbles. It installs in few minutes, and comes pre-assembled in the package; just fix the Hoses and Disc and there is no need for tools. The Zodiac Zoom is built to work quickly, effectively and quietly.

Patented Long-Life Diaphragm

It has only one functioning moving part the durability Diaphragm. No wheel, gears, flappers means simple and easy operation which makes sure maximum power, low-cost maintenance and peak performance.

The Zodiac Zoom’s and Hoses Warranty

The Zodiac Zoom aboveground pool cleaner and durable hoses cover warranty against all wear and tear and manufacturing defects for two years. The Zoom is made for the aboveground pools and also comes with many hose sections than any other other pool cleaners out there.

Flow-keeper-Valve comes with Insta-Skim

The Flow-keeper-Valve automatically controls water flow, for providing high performance even with lesser horsepower pumps and Flow-keeper valve provides pool surface skimming, just by switching on the power button or turning turning it on.

The features of the Zodiac Zoom Aboveground PoolCleaner are as follows:

Installation: – By the consumer, Connected to the vacuum skimmer and point.
Power source: – Filtration System
Technology: – Hydraulic suction
Operating principle: – Diaphragm
Cleaning cycle: – Recommended as 3 * 2 hours cycles, six hours filtration
Cleaning patterns: – Bottom only, Random.
Type of debris cleaned: – Medium-sized and Fine.
The length of the Hose: -10*1m sections
Filtration pump Minimum power required: – ½ Hp
Displacement speed: – 6 m / min
Guarantee: – Two years
Accessories and Technology: – manual flow functioning valve, Deflector wheels,

Extra Large Wheel Deflector helps in steering around ladders, corners and steps, also in the largest aboveground swimming pools.

Quick release cassette enables to remove the Diaphragm easily and fast and also services the pool side if it is required.

Hull Intake allows proper flow of water into the hull to make sure good directional stability, balance and improved treatment for thorough cleaning.

The cleaner has the Large 161/2 inch diameter Scalloped Disc, which is designed for further wide coverage even for the largest aboveground pools.

Hull provides the chassis to which the main components are fixed firmly and also Houses the Diaphragm

The Zodiac Zoom aboveground Automatic Pool Cleaner is the ultimate pool cleaning machine. Set it free in your swimming pool!

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