Types of Autism and Associated Symptoms That a Lot of People Don’t Know Of

The term or condition known as autism can be regarded as a generic term, considering the fact that there are several types of autism, so much that they are classified under the term autism spectrum disorder. This article looks closely at some of the autism types that might interest you.

PDD-NOS: suffers of Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) have maybe one or two of the characteristic autism symptoms, but do not show enough to be diagnosed with Asperger’s or Classic Autistic Disorder. Because the symptoms are often not too specific to the any patient, the diagnosis receives the ‘not otherwise specified’ suffix. Relatives of such patients need to spend time with the physician in charge of their loved one’s case so as to understand which specific symptoms they should be on the lookout for.

Rett syndrome: you may choose to refer to Rett syndrome as girls’ disease because it is a severe disorder that affects only girls. Incidentally, the early symptoms of this medical mayhem is close to the symptoms of autism, but not enough for a consensus agreement from all medical personnel that it should be classified as part of the autism spectrum. Sufferers typically have characteristic hand movements, language loss, motor skills failure, seizures, and maybe death due to breathing irregularities.

Childhood Developmental Disorder (CDD): this is closely related to autism but is a bit different. Most of the symptoms of autism are indeed present in sufferers, but they often present themselves in later years than they do in autistic patients. Often, CDD results in severe impairment for the patient ranging from loss of basic language abilities, to toilet use, and eventually, self care. It is also not regarded as an autism spectrum disorder.

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