[Virtual Event] Compliance Auditing & Monitoring Conference – September 20th, 8:55 am – 3:30 pm CDT | Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE)

September 20th, 2022

8:55 AM – 3:30 PM CDT

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Is your organization’s compliance auditing and monitoring program effective?

For a compliance program to be effective, it’s essential to monitor performance on an ongoing basis, and periodically stop and audit your efforts.

Join us on September 20, 2022 for the Compliance Auditing and Monitoring Conference. This virtual conference will provide insights into how compliance teams are making their auditing and monitoring efforts successful.

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Topics will include:

  • Deciding what to monitor and how to get the right data
  • Building a dashboard that provides real insight
  • Determining what and when to audit
  • Creating a working feedback loop to enable continuous improvement to your program
  • The three lines of defense in the compliance context
  • Leveraging metrics
  • Auditing, monitoring, and third-party risk