Warning – Ignore Heart Disease At Your Peril!

The Heart Disease Hit List

  • FACT – Heart disease is the biggest killer in the western world, and has been for more than a century.
  • FACT – Heart disease related deaths account for more than a third of deaths.
  • FACT – A large percentage of heart attack victims die before they reach hospital.
  • FACT – The first sign of heart disease that many heart attack victims notice is sudden excruciating pain followed by death.

Shocked yet? You should be! In-fact we all should be. Many people ignore the occasional chest pain, the twinge in the arm or shoulders after a meal etc, and take no interest in reversing heart disease. Feeling safe in the knowledge that if they have a heart problem they’ll go to the hospital and get fixed up; maybe take steps toward reversing heart disease through lifestyle changes if the doc says so. Sounds like a good plan huh? Unfortunately as the above statistics clearly show, the plan can fail with tragic consequences, which could be avoided by reversing heart disease through a change of lifestyle.

Reversing heart disease should be of prime importance to every adult in the western world. Poor lifestyle and complacency are sadly all too closely linked to the heart disease death rate. Check out the chilling statistics and you’ll find that the heart disease death rates are similar in every western country, and yet the majority of people are still complacent about the dangers associated with this silent killer.

The main risk factors are:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Stress

Combine a few, or perhaps all of these risk factors and you have a lethal time-bomb ticking away inside of you, with prevention being the best solution by reversing heart disease through lifestyle changes. Most of the major risk factors are silent. They must be sought actively, and much of the responsibility for their detection, and reversing heart disease lies with each of us as individuals. Regular checkups are particularly necessary if there is a family history of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels or diabetes.

There has been a slight decline in the death rate from heart disease over the last two decades as a portion of the population has heeded the warning and taken steps to modify their lifestyle to reduce the risk factors and thus reversing heart disease that would otherwise have progressed within their bodies. Despite this decline however, the death rate is still far too high.

Another worrying problem is the high obesity rate among the young population today and its associated health problems, of which heart disease is only one. Many nutritionists and scientist believe this generation of adults will be among the first to outlive their children, a terrible thought for any parent. This highlights the importance of reversing heart disease factors for ourselves as well as our children through education and encouraging the whole family to get involved in making positive changes to diet and lifestyle.

As with many other degenerative diseases of our society, heart disease is best prevented; rather than trying to gamble on surviving your first wakeup call. Heart disease prevention is best approached by taking steps toward reversing heart disease gradually and always under a doctor’s supervision. Educating yourself is also a smart course of action for reversing heart disease and specialist information will always have significantly more effective results. Heart disease is no joke; it’s a matter of life and death!

© 2006 Colin L Wolfenden

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