What Not To Do When Sending MLM Email Leads

Emails or virtual mails is the new standard in communication in this internet-driven society. Most people nowadays have their own personal or professional emails that they check on a daily basis for communicating with either personal or business contacts. It, therefore, creates an opportunity for you to use MLM email leads for your MLM business promotion.

But in order to guarantee success, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Misconceptions on MLM Email Leads Generation

There are a lot of misconceptions about MLM email leads, such that a lot of newbies believe it is the easiest way to build the leads you need for your business. This is in concept a very simple approach but in reality, it actually involves a lot of work and strategy to ensure effective results.

It involves a testing method to see how your system works and if it is producing the desired results. You must also dedicate time and monitoring on sending out emails since you cannot expect instant results with this system. To help you sort out a system, below are some of the things that you must avoid when establishing your MLM email leads generation campaign.

Do NOT Send Emails From Your Own ISP

When composing and sending emails for your leads, avoid using your own ISP. You must only dedicate this for personal use and avoid using it for your MLM promotion. Once you use your email to send hundreds or even thousands of emails on a regular basis using your personal email, you might be in danger of losing any personal contact or correspondence you have in that email account if you were red flagged. It will also entail more costs for you in case someone complained of spamming.

Avoid Using Hype Words That Are Similar to Spam

Another important aspect to consider when composing your MLM email leads messages would be to look closely into your choice of words. Avoid infusing too much hype into the content since your readers will be able to quickly identify them. Be straightforward in getting your message across. If you fail to deliver something of value in the email message, you could risk getting blocked. So, stick with providing valuable information and offering something of benefit to the readers.

Stop Thinking About the Bouncing Emails

A lot of network marketers spend too much time worrying about emails that are bouncing. You need to quit that and re-channel your attention into something more important. After all, you cannot expect all of the emails to be sent successfully. For example, about 20% of the 1,000 emails you send per day will bounce. The 80% is still a majority, so you need to focus on those that were delivered instead of wasting your energy on things beyond your control.

Do Not Stop With Just One Email

You cannot expect to convert your leads with just a single email. You must therefore send multiple emails in your MLM email leads generation campaign to increase your network marketing system’s exposure. But you need to give breaks in between each email and avoid flooding their email inbox on a daily basis. Also, limit the email series into 5 or 7 emails in total.

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