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[author: Vivian Susko]


How to complete forms properly, save time on the review process, and ensure compliance during the hiring process!


HR teams worldwide are reaping the benefits of the shift to a remote and hybrid work model; hiring from a global talent pool, cutting on-site costs, creating flexibility for the workforce, and more. But as more companies hire remote workers from all corners of the world, the fineable errors to businesses have increased dramatically; 76% of paper Form I-9s have at least one fineable error, and new policies have raised substantive I-9 fines to between $216 and $2,156 per error. To that end, companies could have as little as 72 hours to pull together the records requested during an ICE audit. 

Meanwhile, cybercrime is reaching new heights amid remote work trends, threatening HR leaders with the fear of ransomware attacks, data breaches, major IT outages, and business continuity concerns. In an age of increasing government scrutiny of hiring practices, companies are facing a major hurdle when it comes to:

  • Getting new employees to complete forms correctly
  • Dedicating time to reviewing them for accuracy and completeness
  • Staying up to date when it comes to the over 1,200 I-9 rules that a staffing team must accommodate
  • Managing deadlines to stay one step ahead of audits
  • Ensuring compliance throughout the entire hiring process

Our ever-changing corporate landscape begs the question: how can today’s HR teams proactively prepare their tech stacks to secure proprietary data, protect employee privacy, and drive compliance across borders?  

End-to-End I9 Compliance: The Missing Tool in Your HR Tech Stack

A digital I-9 compliance software solution can help organizations reduce time and effort by up to 85% by solving some of today’s top I-9 and E-Verify compliance challenges. With features to securely convert paper I-9 documents to compliant electronic forms, the right solution can empower HR professionals to cleanse large volumes of outdated files, remediate errors, and avoid costly penalties. It’s especially important to look for platforms that offer smart workflows, capable of submitting eligible I-9 records automatically to E-Verify® software as they’re completed to ensure on-time processing while establishing a detailed digital audit trail for your records.  

Unlike I-9 solutions that provide a fillable .pdf or an online form with some field validation, look for a solution that automates the entire compliance workflow and transforms hiring compliance into a highly efficient and reliable operation for your enterprise. Key features include manager self-service and a simple, user-friendly interface to guide field managers through the successful completion of each I-9 with no special training, guesswork, errors, or re-work needed.​ Maintaining visibility and control via a personalized dashboard is also critical, helping managers stay focused on open items to ensure on-time submission.

The right digital compliance software should allow you to:

  • Easily assign new users to each applicant’s case 
  • Set automated alerts to ensure form submission deadlines are met and cases are moved forward 
  • Search from a library of data to find applicants based on their contacts, case numbers, etc. 
  • Access detailed user and access management protocols
  • Ensure timely and accurate compliance with powerful, real-time reporting tools

The platform you select should not only offer this full range of features, but also provide an on-the-ground network for verifying a company’s hires in order to satisfy USCIS and ICE regulatory mandates.

As cybersecurity concerns ramp up,  more HR teams are turning to cloud-based platforms to ensure secure encryption and scalability from any mobile or desktop device. Be sure to look for advanced security features like multi-factor authentication for immaculate applicant data security. It’s also essential that your solution automatically exposes potential errors for efficient remediation, while establishing USCIS-compliant audit trails and support to drive compliance.

The HR Tech Stack of the Future: Award-Winning Technology for Ensuring Compliance

Currently serving the nation’s largest employers— including companies with over 10,000 field managers— and achieving full compliance for over 250,000 hires a year with proven enterprise scalability, Tracker I9 is helping today’s HR and Legal leaders securely manage the hiring and onboarding of remote employees across the country with a network alliance of Tracker I-9 experts across all 50 states— accessible in the click of a button! 

Equipped with a best-in-class solution like the Tracker I-9 Compliance, your HR team can easily overcome the risks and expenses of outdated, obsolete I-9 processes to enable smarter, faster, more reliable I-9 management and compliance.

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