Windows Process and Macro Automation Software – 5 Repetitive Windows Tasks You Can Automate Today

There are plenty of windows tasks that we do on computer that are repetitive, time consuming and mundane. The fact is many of them can be automated. For this article, we will discuss about 10 repetitive tasks (within Windows XP and Vista) that you can easily automate (with scripting) to you can save time.

1. Data Extraction and File Management

You can retrieve data from the database and automate the input of data.

IF you work often with excel spreadsheets, you can pull out the data values, store them and input them into online forms.

You can introduce batch automation and scripting for file renaming. These can be done with a batch job scheduler. File extensions can also be changed on the fly. Want to FTP (upload and download) your windows files? No problem. These can also be automated.

2. Backing up of files

If you lost your data to a hard disk failure, you will know how painful and frustrating that is. Most of us procrastinate when it comes to this. You can overcome this by automatically scheduling a backup of all your files – at any time you set.

3. Computer Maintenance

Automatically clear your temporary folders to keep your computer “lean” and operating on maximum efficiency. You can also get open windows utility such as disk cleanup and windows defragging with macros simulating human mouse clicks and keystrokes to get the job done.

4. Text Handling

You can quickly retrieve data from text files, and store it in a database. Text can also be extracted from an excel sheet up to fill up forms.

5. Browser automation

Macros automation does not necessarily have to be applied only to softwares and utilities. You can automate web tasks such as Twitter updating or sending of emails on Internet Explorer/Firefox as well.

These are just a small sample of PC tasks you can automate. Other tasks that deserved mention include:

– Assigning of hotkeys for keyboard actions

– Comparing data against a standard (e.g. purchase order)

– Printing and faxing documents

– Parse data and extract text/numeric values

– Creating charts on data

– Duplicate data entry

– Copy and pasting files

– Zipping files/folders

– Copying, moving, renaming files and folders in bulk

– Taking screenshots

The sky is the limit with windows (GUI/macro) automation. And you are restricted only by your imagination. Start automating today. And you will find yourself achieving more in lesser time.

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